Our Mission and Purpose

Confluence is a St. Louis-based, Missouri not-for-profit organization, with a mission to work with individuals, businesses, communities, courts and other institutions to manage and resolve conflict applying researched-based methods as well as common sense strategies. 

Confluence scope of services will eventually include:

  • Mediation and Facilitation Services for individuals, families, parents, and small businesses, including sliding scale services (divorce, parenting, small and closely-held business disputes, elder care issues, and small civil and contract claims )
  • Conflict Coaching and Management
  • Community and Court Support ServicesPicture3
  • Individual and Professional Workshops
  • Dispute System and Program Design

Confluence hopes to support conflict resolution professionals by locating funding for services and providing professional workshops and training. 

It also plans to help small businesses, government agencies, courts and other organizations create custom-designed dispute resolution systems and training programs. 

Confluence is driven to fulfill its mission and become an asset to the St. Louis Region.